I’ve been writing and editing a variety of content since 2000, and running my own business since 2010. I specialize in content strategy for visionary businesses, and helping thought leaders share their messages.

I’m still working with a couple of my first clients to this day. I help addiction counsellor Candace Plattor share the incredible work she is doing in the addiction field—particularly with loved ones of addicts, and I work closely with Michael Pearlman by helping him language everything around his online journaling program.

Before launching my business, I worked on a freelance basis writing for local magazines and newspapers in the Victoria, B.C. area. I also worked as an in-house editor for two special-interest magazines where some of the topics I became familiar with include caring for horses, tack, cupolas and riding apparel for all weather conditions. I also had the pleasure of interviewing many industry experts for news and feature stories. This position is where I honed my skills at working to deadline.

I studied photojournalism at a private institution in Victoria, B.C., was the first student to get a full-page article published in a local newspaper, and I went on to earn the highest honours in my graduating class.

My natural curiosity is a gift when it comes to digging up the facts and interviewing for story. I’ve become adept at asking the right questions and, together with my friendly personality, I inspire people to open up and share with ease. This is a great skill to have when it comes to writing powerful case studies and helping my clients showcase their expertise, products or services by writing compelling stories.

As an editor, I know the importance of ensuring the author’s message is clear—that’s why sometimes it’s best to have someone else write for you. As my ghostwriting instructor said, a good editor or ghostwriter is “the only way to be sure you are communicating with anyone other than yourself…”

Speaking of ghostwriting, I’m a certified ghostwriter. What this means for my clients is that I’m trained to write in their voice. For the busy professional who doesn’t have time to write, this is an invaluable service.

I’m passionate about travelling—but not the island or beach vacation kind. I enjoy immersing myself in other cultures—which is why cruising is not for me either. Sitting on a ship is not my idea of a fun vacation. I prefer to meet the locals, enjoy the surroundings, and savour the country’s art and entertainment communities. The richness and diversity of my travelling experiences give me a broader perspective when it comes to writing.

While my website is written using Canadian spelling, please know I’m experienced and skilled with Chicago Manual of Style, the publishing industry standard, and U.S. spelling.

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