Your happy clients or customers—anyone impacted by what you do—have great stories to tell.

If you’re not putting these stories to work, you’re not making use of one of your best marketing tools and you may be missing out on potential business, speaking engagements, funding, donations, etc.

Success stories, and the more detailed case studies, are in the top 3 of the most consumed, in demand content, surpassed only by new research and breaking news.

Additionally, according to a 2007 Bridge Ratings survey, “strangers with experience” is the second most trusted source of information, the first being friends, family and acquaintances.

The survey also revealed that advertising is the second-last trusted source of information, fairing only slightly better than telemarketing. That in itself is a compelling reason to add stories to your marketing strategy.

Success stories and case studies can be a few paragraphs in length up to four pages and they can, in whole or in part, be used in a variety of places.

Here is a list of a few ways case studies can be used effectively:

  • websites
  • newsletters
  • sales letters and sales pages
  • emails
  • social media
  • grant proposals
  • fundraising appeal letters
  • annual reports
  • press releases

Simply provide me with candidates to interview; if there is someone in your organization that knows this candidate, I would love to chat with that person as well.

I take care of scheduling telephone interviews, and I approach each interview fully prepared with a tailored set of questions designed to elicit powerful quotes and to ensure a smooth, flowing conversation. My natural curiosity makes me a perfect fit for talking with your happy customers.

From these interviews, I roll up my sleeves and craft compelling stories.

I deliver the completed stories for your review and incorporate any changes you wish to make. To ensure accuracy and integrity, we will also send the stories to the candidates for their review and make any requested edits.

I’d love to get your stories working for you. Email or call me at 705-259-0393 to get started.

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