You’re in business to provide solutions with a product or help people with a service.

However, creating informational content about your products or services may not be something you’re doing on a regular basis.

Maybe it’s a time issue. When you look at your schedule, you realize that there’s no way you can fit in writing into any part of your week. Or maybe no one on your team has the necessary skills to write the content that needs to be shared.

Helping you share what you’re doing and how you help people is where I come in. I’ve been in the publishing space for nearly 20 years and during that time I’ve written content for a variety of audiences.

I used to say that I got into journalism as an excuse to be nosy. I love talking to people and finding out what drives them. I love digging deep into an issue to learn the whys and the hows. If I were to meet you today, chances are I would ask you all sorts of questions—without being too intrusive, of course! Bottom line is that I have a genuine interest in people, places and things and that’s why I excel at content creation.

Content strategy and development is about helping you get your expertise out of your head, sharing the ingenuity of your product, or the benefits of your service and there are many advantages to doing so.


– Is the best way to broadcast your message to the world.

– Increases your credibility, authority and your reputation as a thought leader.

– Ignites targeted traffic to your website.

– Increases search engine presence.

– Helps you build a targeted email list.

– Increases sales and conversions.

Before I start writing, I’ll be 100% clear on your WHY and your WHO. Additionally, I would conduct any and all research necessary.

And, I’d rewrite until you’re 100% happy with what I’ve written.

Who is content strategy for?

I’m guessing that if you’ve read this far you’re exactly the person who would benefit from this service.

– It’s for busy professionals who are focused on serving clients or customers and running their businesses throughout the day.

– It’s for entrepreneurs who offer programs and are leading a community and/or a movement.

– It’s for people who don’t like writing.

– It’s for business owners who understand that what they write must be reviewed by fresh eyes so they are assured they are effectively communicating their messages.

– It’s for entrepreneurs and businesses who know the value of content marketing.

Creating and sharing great content is truly one of the best ways to build authority and be recognized as a leader in your field.

Email or call me at 705-259-0393 to get started.

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